Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Dallas

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A broken or worn down exhaust fans can hinder or completely bring your commercial kitchen operations to complete stop. Heat and grease ventilation are the main functions of the exhaust fan. Excessive grease buildup, worn out fan belts and other environmental factors can seriously affect your cooking operation, slow down or stop the performance of your exhaust fan.

Our exhaust fan services can solve these issues and keep your commercial kitchen up and running. Our routine exhaust fan inspection's, grease cleaning, motor and belt service maintenance can extend the life of your exhaust system and provide you with confidence that your kitchen exhaust system is running properly.

Warning signs your kitchen exhaust system may not be working correctly:

  • Your kitchen is starting to get hotter than usual.
  • Doors began to slam or the door to the kitchen is blowing open
  • Notice extra smoke inside your kitchen
  • Staff starts complaining about heat
  • The exhaust hood is not creating any vacuum or ventilation
  • High level of heat and humidity near the exhaust
  • Loud noises and vibrations are coming from the hood
kitchen exhaust cleaning

If you notice any of the above problems, contact us to have your exhaust fan inspected immediately. Focusing on the issue today can potentially save you from huge and expensive repair bills down the line. Several things can brake and wear down over time, common exhaust fan issues include:

  • Worn out fan belts
  • Dry bearings
  • Burned out motor that needs to be replaced
  • Excessive grease build up
  • Water, rust and weather damage
  • Missing or damaged access doors and panels
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