Pizza Oven Cleaning Service

We provide comprehensive cleaning services of conveyor pizza oven for major restaurants, pizza chains, and owner / operated pizza restaurants in the Dallas Fort-Worth Texas region!

cleaning oven

Pizza Cleaning Process

  1. Complete NFPA 96 hood cleaning service, including Fan, Baffle filters and Ducts
  2. Dis-assembly of removable pizza oven parts including conveyor, heating fingers, doors, windows, and other removable panels.
  3. Scrape and Clean interior of pizza debris.
  4. Checking blower motors for obstructions.
  5. Cleaning of outer of pizza oven shell, and top
  6. Clean the control box grate with a wire brush
  7. Cleaning of all removed parts, and re-assembly
  8. Pizza ovens are dried, and polished / shined
  9. Kitchen floors are mopped no mess is left behind
  10. Before and after photos
  11. Apply stickers and provide certificates

Our above cleaning standard is to set forth the policies, processes, procedures, and supporting documentation that guide the company in establishing customer-centered solutions to meet the NFPA - 96 requirements and customer expetations.

Because of the unique characteristics of customer's restaurant and commercial kitchen, it is impractical to prescribe policies, processes, and procedures that apply to every situation. In certain circumstances, minor deviation from portions of this our standard procedures may be appropriate.

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